Winning 7 Stud Play: Remembering Togel Cards in 7-Card Stud

I was chatting with a relatively new Stud player a while back. He was the studious type, trying to read and study as much as he could to improve his game.

He said that he was getting discouraged because, try though he might, he just couldn’t keep track of all the cards which had been dealt in a 7-Card Stud game. He had read, in one of the many books he was studying, that to be an excellent Stud player you needed perfect card memory. If you couldn’t remember all of the cards which had been dealt, you were giving up something to those who had perfect recall.

He asked me for some help.

Well, I confessed to him, and I’ll confess to you that I don’t have perfect card recall. Even so, I’ve been beating the low and mid limit stud games for well over 6 years. I did have some suggestions for him, however, which have helped me remember cards. Perhaps you’ll find them useful as well.

First off, you don’t need to memorize all of the cards that are dealt. You only need to remember the cards that are folded. The other cards are staring you right in the face. So why worry about them? Just concentrate on the folded cards.

I’ve found that it is much easier, and more important, to remember the rank of the card rather than the rank and suit of each card. What I do is keep track of the rank of each card as it is folded and then, to make it easier to remember, I rearrange them in order of rank. So, for example, if the 8 of Clubs, the 4 of Diamonds, the 5 of Diamonds, the 2 of Spades and the Queen of Clubs are folded, I say to myself, 8,4,5,2,Queen and then, quickly rearrange them into 2,4,5,8,Queen.

I repeat this to myself over and over again, like a mantra. If, on the next round, a player folds his two up cards, I just add them into the list in order.

Let’s say my opponent folds the Jack Clubs and the 6 of Spades. I’ll just meld them in and make my mantra 2,4,5,6,8,Jack, Queen. Now, as far as suits are concerned, I don’t worry about memorizing the specific number of cards in every suit which have been folded. Instead, I note the number of my suit which are out and if there are many of any other suit. I mention it to myself on the deal, rather than specifically committing it to memory. I find that this is sufficient for me to recall whether few or many of a suit have been played if another Togel player seems to be going for a Flush.

In Stud, unlike what some “experts” may opine, you don’t have to have perfect recall. But a solid memory of the rank of the cards which have been folded, and a general recollection of how many of a suit have been played will help you. Focus on that skill and you will gain a useful edge in your 7-Stud game.


If you want an absolute at the poker table, order vodka by the same name. Things are always in flux in a poker game. The play that worked last night may cost you a bundle tonight.

WHOA there Kount! You say always bet on sixth street is your golden rule, are you backing off that stance?

NO I’m not backing off and still go by the always bet on sixth street rule. That’s right, always BET. The rule doesn’t say call, check, raise or re-raise.

After having played for a year and a half, I was still trying to figure out how to play the tight aggressive strategy emphasized by most poker books. I played conservative but seemed to miss opportunities to win more. An experience I had lead me to the always bet on sixth street rule. I had started with a medium pair with a big kicker on a $1-$5 table. It was cheap to get in and stay in. My board had a four straight to a Broadway on sixth street and I checked. I didn’t get the straight on seventh and I bet and got called by the woman sitting next to me, everyone else folded. She had two little pairs and beat my medium pair. As she collected the pot she says to the person next to her, “I figured he didn’t have the straight when he checked on sixth.” The light bulb went on in my head! If I had bet on sixth I probably would have won that pot. This is what was meant by tight aggressive. Betting with just a pair would have been a bluff or some would say a semi-bluff. My image on the table was that of a conservative strong player. The only thing missing was my being aggressive. Now I always bet on sixth street. I may not call a bet, nor raise or re-raise but if I am first to act I always BET.

The theory is based on the fact that you should have a pretty decent hand if you are still in the game on sixth street. Your marginal hand may get a better hand or a draw out of the pot and pave your way to a win. With scare cards on board you’ll get a lot of folds by the people playing weak draws as in the hand detailed above. In addition you must always make them pay for a card. Don’t give free cards. I don’t mind if they draw out as long as they pay for the privilege. In the long run you’ll end up with a lot of that money paid by the low limit players to see if they can get that miracle card.

So always bet on sixth street, but think about whether you want to call, raise or re-raise. If your first to act, BET, you will see your winnings increase.


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