Vegas 먹튀검증 Snippets


When you go to Vegas, the first thing you do is head for the slot machines, right?

Well, that was certainly true in the case of the lovable, effervescent Julie from Gambling Grumbles, but with a twist!

Julie, ensconced in a beautiful room at the luxurious Bellagio, kept her roommate awake by playing slots at 3 AM – but she wasn’t down in the casino!

It seems her roommate and assistant, Teri, was kept awake by the sound of Julie tapping away on her keyboard – she was playing the Double Magic slots at Blackjack Ballroom!

Next thing you know, she’ll be packing her laptop to shop online while Teri drags her along to the shopping mall…


Maryann, the GambleGoddess of, was working pretty hard at her booth during the day, telling visitors about her cool new gambling portal with a feminine touch – but at night, she dragged Marc from and yours truly down to the craps tables, where she proved her prowess rolling the bones…

Ok, ok… actually it was Marc who dragged us to the tables, but GambleGoddess kept us alive at the tables with long runs of numbers… while her nemesis, The Devil of, turned up a week later and apparently walked into the freezer known as the Golden Nugget, where the croupier kept intoning the words “Seven Out”… I wonder if that magic phrase will work at the blackjack tables…

*** proprietor Marc treated the GambleGoddess and yours truly to probably the best show in Vegas – the Blue Man Group at the Luxor – music was never so beautiful and entertaining as this truly remarkable show…

I’ll bet it was a refreshing change from the sound of roaring lions, as Marc had recently returned from a month-long trip to Africa…


Vegas was still smarting from the drastic downturn in traffic after the 9-11 tragedy… once upon a time people were used to long waits for taxis, but this month the taxi drivers waited in some cases hours in line to pick up a customer… hotels cut back on their 먹튀검증 staff and the result was evident at New York New York, where yours truly suffered through food which was stale and old and totally unbefitting of an otherwise nice hotel – and VIP casino staffers still had their snouts up in the air… I wonder why the VIPs aren’t turning up… the Jacuzzi room, which was not too bad, was arranged by an unnamed friend and colleague for which I am most grateful.


A certain lady from Australia, nicknamed Colly (after her dog) popped into Vegas and immediately started tearing into the video poker machines, winning at practically every machine she played for the first day.

Alas, Lady Luck deserted her on the second day, where she gave up all she won plus a little bit more… seems that Lady Luck finally decided to spend a few precious moments with yours truly, who took over where Colly left off – even at the airport, he was hitting four of a kinds on Double Bonus Poker at three different machines… too bad they don’t start a slot club at the airport…



One of the smaller parties during the three weeks that yours truly was Stateside was to announce the imminent opening of the Dennis Rodman casino featuring RTG software. Too bad the bad boy himself didn’t show up – but look for his casino to open up at the end of the month…


The infamous Hitmob, OPA Mary, Casinomeister and yours truly finally met up – and we planned to have dinner together but Casinomeister ended up at the Blue Man Group paid for with his winnings… yours truly slept off a bad night at the tables, and Hitmob was probably off chasing the sheep… but he also saw the Rita Rudner show at NYNY and highly recommends it… and OPA Mary and her husband ended up eating with Marc from Startcasino and the GambleGoddess.


The Wizard of Odds, upon hearing that yours truly was staying at Treasure Island (for the last few days of the trip), recommended a particular Fortune Cookie slot machine which was said to have a 98.01% payback, better than any other nickel slot machine in Vegas… alas, the Spearmaster donated a tidy little sum so that someone else could benefit from that 98.1% payback…


Speaking of the Wizard of Odds, he accompanied the boys from WinnerOnline and yours truly to a seafood buffet at the Rio, followed by a stint at the blackjack tables… he walked off with a small profit while Stuart, who wasn’t much of a blackjack player and played against the book, lost a few bucks but killed the slots instead…


The gaming shows must have been hurting a bit after the 9-11 tragedy… the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) was reasonably well attended but suffered from some no-shows, while the World Gaming Congress and Expo (WGCE) cut back plans for an e-gaming pavilion at the very last minute and relegated the Internet Gaming booths to an area way at the back of the show

Meanwhile, the G2E people tried their best to upstage the WGCE by hiring a few moving signboards to drive around the show area at the Sands Convention Center. The signboards read, “Here for the gaming show? Sorry, you missed it…”


I’d like to thank both organizers for graciously granting me permission to attend as a press representative… but clearly there is increased polarity between the two rival groups and I wonder where the Internet Gaming exhibitors will choose to exhibit next year… this year the G2E had the better booths but the WGCE had the better conference sessions. And I don’t know how many die-hards like me are going to hang around for three weeks next year..


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