That Qiu Qiu Online Sinking Feeling

Qiu Qiu Online

On-Line Miscues Getting You Down?

Things haven’t been going well lately and you seem to be winning less, making more costly mistakes and playing far to many hands (and hours) on-line, so what do you do?

I prescribe you just step away for a few days, examine your game, read a book or article on poker and just relax. Oh my heaven, did I just say NO POKER? You bet I did, and if you can follow the directions on the label I’m about to share with you, a second trip to the prescription counter won’t be needed.

First, turn off the computer and promise yourself three days of no poker. In the interim, get reacquainted with your family, children, pet or that poker book with about an inch of dust settled on it. Don’t worry about what you are missing, you already know: you have been losing and not having very much fun anyway! While you are on a self-imposed three-day-pass you will not lose a dime, so breaking even is a good first sign you are on the way to recovery. I know for me that when I get in a losing streak a break-even day seems to provide me a signal that things are turning my way and that winning could be only one or two bets away.

Now it’s time to take your physical and because you’re on a short vacation we’ll make it an oral test. Just read the questions and answer them aloud, or in private if at work (lol).

Am I playing too many hours on-line and don’t realize that I am getting fatigued?

Am I getting up with a profit or do I stay until I give it all back and then some?

Am I playing at limits (and with stiffer competition) that are above my skill level and experience?

Am I continually chasing straights and flushes and coming up short?

Am I playing hands with medium or less than stellar cards?

Am I playing the same way against all comers or do I realize the styles of my ever-changing on-line opponents?

Am I distracted while playing (phone, tv, playing two Qiu Qiu Online games at once)?

Am I going on tilt instead of maintaining my composure at the tables?

Having answered those questions in the yes or maybe realm (as I know you have, unless you lied to yourself), you can continue on to part II of your self examination and let’s see if you can answer this set of statements in the affirmative (hint). If you answer otherwise, examine your play further, and consider my outpatient care not enough treatment for you?

I will only enter hands with Premium Cards!

I will raise more than call, fold more than raise!

I will play only when I’m not hurried or distracted!

I will observe the players betting styles and patterns at my table, especially when not involved in a hand when I have additional time on my hand!

I will not automatically call from the small blind unless I have decent cards, saving ˝ a bet each time for the entire session!

I will not often chase flushes and straights unless the situation is correct and I would have a nut draw, high cards, top pair, or be open ended with other possibilities!

I will practice putting players on several possibilities of hands they may have and narrow them down as the betting continues leaving me with a pretty good idea of what they might be holding against me!

I will respect UTG raises from solid players and very seldom call a double or triple bet with less than AA, unless I know that my KK will often be top pair against my inferior (loose-aggressive), opponents who repeatedly make a move at the pot!

I will continue raising with large pairs in an attempt to eliminate as much of the field as possible to isolate callers down to a heads up showdown or fold!

I will never show my cards and provide vital information to my opponents unless forced to at showdown!

I will try to sit to the left of strong players at my table and be cordial/friendly towards them, but very wary and less talkative to those on my left!

I will set goals for a particular session, doubling my buy-in (or exceeding that amount), and when it is time to go, I will leave and look forward to documenting every small and large win!

I will not let rude or senseless play by others affect my game!

I will continue to show sportsmanship and table etiquette whether I am winning or losing?

I will not badger anyone into leaving a game, especially if they are the ones losing and playing erratic!

I will however mention to others who are struggling to keep the faith, encourage them to not give up!

I will start logging my hours and winnings for each session so I can see how I am really doing!

I will indicate the type game I played and betting limits so I can identify where I do best after 30 days of tracking!

I will never play depressed, sick or tired!

I will always read an article or book once or twice a month that provides me with greater insight into playing poker!

Gee, three days have come and past so fast and hopefully you have a renewed mental outlook on your game. Your thoughts are not clouded by indecision and poor choices any longer and the fundamentals of good play have returned in your quest to play winning poker. But…you are not ready yet! We have left out one basic ingredient in our quest for recovery, and that is ATTITUDE.

You can’t go to a casino or on-line with this type of attitude: “I have $100 to play with and when it’s gone, I’m gone.” Negative expectations net negative results. However, having an attitude like this: “I plan on playing solid, aggressive poker and at least doubling my money today,” will certainly help your prospects of achieving what we all desire, a Winning Session! Get your brain in synch with your expectations, plan on bringing your “A” game and leave the tables a winner each and every time you make the decision to risk your bankroll. It may be entertainment or a social event for others, but I suspect you have a differing opinion on why anyone would want to commit to playing real money on-line.



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