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Android black hat app story was bogus!

Android users can relax again, in the knowledge that the Android OS is just as safe today as ever; despite yesterday’s incorrect reports of a malicious app that was on millions of Android users devices! Yesterday, the blogosphere was full of stories about an Android wallpaper app, which was reportedly collecting sensitive user data and sending it off to a server in China.  LookOut (the firm who reported this supposed security ...

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UK current account gap widens, fuelling fears of exposure from Brexit

  Britain's current account gap has surged to a record high, fuelling f ears the economy could be left exposed if the UK leaves the European Union. The Office for National statistics (ONS) said the economy grew faster than first thought in the fourth quarter and 2015 as a whole, but this was overshadowed by figures revealing the current account deficit ballooned to £32.7 billion or 7% of gross domestic product (GDP) ...

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