Singapore April Software Update

togel Singapore is known for their reliable software, and they are making improvements to it all the time. Their most recent software upgrade adds a bunch of new features to make your playing experience a little mtogel ore efficient than before.

You can now choose which columns to see in your lobby by managing your “column settings.” For example, you can get rid of the “ID” column of your tournament lobby, which might make your lobby less busy and simpler to view. You can also resize the width of each column and lock your columns so that you don’t ever change their organization by accident.

People frequently download free poker because they enjoy meeting new players and chatting with them at the tables. People that love conversations at the table will really enjoy the new (and optional) chat bubbles. Chat bubbles make it easy to see when someone is saying something without having to look down to the bottom left of your table constantly.

Single table tournament players will be extremely pleased to know that the new update shows a list of registered players right in the lobby. Gone are the days of double clicking tournament after tournament to view the list of those already registered. This feature truly is a time saver! (And a finger saver)

If you have ever attempted a real money transfer to a fellow poker player, you might be familiar with the stress of checking and double checking to ensure that you are sending to the correct person. The new software update makes this even easier for you by displaying the recipient’s avatar on the confirmation screen of your transfer. Since the PokerStars download features custom avatars for its users, this is fantastic piece of mind for anyone attempting a money transfer.

The last new feature that I would like to mention is the ability to hide your hole cards. When you do this, you peak at your hole cards by hovering over them with your mouse cursor. PokerStars implemented this feature mostly for the benefit of home game users playing in the same room, but people that play a lot of live poker might enjoy this feature too.

Payment Processors Plead Not Guilty

Eleven people were charged with bank fraud, wire fraud, and money laundering by the US Department of Justice on Friday, April 15th. Two of the defendants, both payment processors, have pleaded not guilty.

Chad Elie was arrested in Las Vegas last Friday the day before his wedding to model Destiny Davis. He was released on Saturday for his marriage, and he turned himself in again when the weekend was over.

Elie appeared in court for ten minutes and pleaded not guilty to his nine charges. William Cowden will represent him. During his court appearance, Cowden gave a prosecutor a 500 gigabyte hard drive, and Frank Maas, the magistrate judge, voiced his surprise at this. Elie was released after paying a $250,000 bond and has strict travel restrictions while his trial is pending.

Bradley Franzen turned himself in to the FBI once the weekend was over. He is accused of creating Green2YourGreen, a fake business complete with a website. The website claimed that people could purchase their products and sell them to others for a profit. The website even had products advertised and a link to the Direct Selling Association Code of Ethics.

Such fake businesses were allegedly used by Franzen to disguise poker transactions to US poker sites. He is accused of tricking financial institutions into allowing such illegal transactions to take place.

The 41-year old pleaded not guilty to Frank Maas yesterday. His parents then enabled his release on a $200,000 bond that was secured by their house.

If either of the accused is found guilty of conspiracy to commit bank and wire fraud, they have the possibility to receive up to 30 years in prison. Prosecutors are seeking $3 billion in penalties from PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, and UB/AP, which were considered the best US poker sites online prior to the accusations.

Keep your eye on for more news regarding Black Friday and the Department of Justice indictment.