Online Slot Online Industry Has A High Profile Entry – That of Virgin!

One of the world’s biggest companies, Virgin has entered the online Slot Online industry. The resources of Virgin are unparalleled and will help the company zoom into the top ranking position in the marketplace, soon. reports:

According to Virgin production marketing manager, Joshua Morris, Virgin will appeal to all types of players. “We want to make poker more accessible.

Online Poker Rooms Vie With Each Other in a Race to Lure Customers

Online card rooms are perpetually involved in a struggle to lure customers. Each day a new promotion for a site pops up. These promotions seek to recruit new players or to hold existing ones. The value of an online poker room is dependent upon the traffic. A well-established site has several thousand players who play a variety of limits. This may be in total contrast to a small site with a 100 odd players. The strong sites become strong and the weak ones fade out because more players bring more profit. Towering over all other online rooms is At any point of time, almost 50,000 or more players are logged on, playing onlinepoker. reports:

Every site I’ve seen offers some sort of cash bonus or incentive to join. It’s up to you to figure out which one is most appealing.

Online Poker Games Attract Many Young People, Drawing Them Towards the Game

Poker craze has stormed the world, loud and clear. The widespread popularity and craze of this game has grown phenomenally, being aided by the convergence of internet gambling. High stake games on TV lure viewers and draw them towards the game. People like to get involved in a risk-taking, competitive activity, as is possible in a game of poker. Games like the extremely successful Texas Hold’Em and the standard five-card stud, have both found wide acceptance. Gambling critics point out the negative influences of the game, specially on the younger generation. On the other hand, proponents of the game justify it by saying that the game can no more be called ‘seedy’ or shady else it would not have found such immense popularity. The availability of Online Poker has proved to be a boon to many who have been initiated into the game, having learned it on the internet and who have grown in the game, from application of strategies defined and analyzed by experts and and pros.

Yohan Mullemeester – Winner of the French Poker Tour

The French Poker Tour Championship was held in Paris earlier this month, where 118 players from all over France, assembled to compete against each other. Yohan Mullemeester finally won the coveted title and the cash prize. reports:

On January 14, 118 players from all over France gathered at the Aviation Club de France in Paris to battle for the 20,000 Euro freeroll prize pool. At the end of the day, Mullemeester emerged the winner, with Arnaud Grumiauxx and Loic Dubois placing second and third, respectively.

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