Official Rules of Pontoon

    Doubling Down   12.1 A player may elect to double down on the first two cards dealt to him/her, or on the first two cards of any split pair (except when splitting aces), or any hand with a point total of less than 21 formed with a third or subsequent card. 12.2 When doubling down, any ace contained in the player's initial deal shall have the value of 1. 12.3 To double down ...

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How do you increase the value of your property with Instant Online Title Loan 

The biggest factor that can affect property value -- market conditions -- are outside of your control. But other factors -- including the condition of the property, certain home improvements and neighborhood stability and safety -- are not. For example, specific home improvements can increase your property value above the cost of the improvements themselves, such as remodeling a kitchen, adding a bathroom, finishing a basement or upgrading landscaping. Just be ...

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Neal Socialverse Stephenson on What He Learned from Funding His Game Kickstarter CLANG! (at the Last Possible Moment)

Neal Stephenson's swordfighting game on Kickstarter reached its funding goal last weekend at the very last possible moment, heaving over the $500,000 finish line with less than 36 hours to go. I had worried that it wouldn't even reach that point, since failure would likely be interpreted as a waning of interest in game Kickstarters. But Stephenson tells me they were buoyed aloft in the waning days: "Pledges actually accelerated in ...

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