Linux Diversions

Spam Trap Lists for RBLDNSD (updated daily in REAL TIME). Now available via rsync!

Fedora 3 : Building a Customized Kernel

A very simplistic approach to creating the source code and building a customized kernel from “kernel.src.rpm”

Fedora: Creating a Local DNS Blocklist for Use by Postfix with RBLDNSD

A basic guide to eliminating spam through the use of local DNS blocklists. This is particularly useful for banning large numbers of hosts in abusive locales. I have included start-up lists so that your initial setup will block a few hundred IP addresses and domains as well as the entire People’s Republic of China (the source for about 75% of spam sent around the net). IWFM!!

Building a Local Yum Repository

I have seen quite a few of these instructions on various sites. Many are outdated (using yum to create the header files) and many seemed either incomplete, confusing or contradictory. I’ve tried to simplify what is really a simple process. This is exactly what we did to set a yum repository up on our LAN.

How to Configure Leafnode as a Local News Server

Leafnode is a very simple, self-maintaining, usenet news server that is ideal for up to 20 users polling news from the ISP. The footprint is minimal; It will run on a “door-stop” gathering dust in a closet.

Why?:Leafnode provides filering that is easier to use and more powerful than news readers. Most news clients are limited to filtering on only a few headers and then rely on complicated scoring rules. Leafnode can killfile on any header.

Leafnode is configured to determine what, and how many, articles to retrieve. It manages article clean-ups in the background. Combined with filtering, one can use any email client with NNTP support. Evolution is completely tamed by Leafnode. One client; One address book; One set of signatures.

Leafnode may be particularly beneficial if you regularly post to moderated news groups. You may have experienced a problem (depending upon the news group) where clients like knode or T-bird hang, time out and then incorrectly show the post as failed; The post remains in the outbox. Leafnode handles this, quite gracefully, in the background.

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