Jason Strasser at the 2023 Online Casino Malaysia

Jason has been doing fairly well so far. He managed to finish 26th in the opening event of Mixed Holdem, winning $15,898. He also finished 12th in the $1000 NL Online Casino Malaysia event, narrowly missing a final table but still winning $23,811

Due to work commitments Jason wont be able to play the main event this year, which is a shame, but hopefully he can go deep in some of the remaining events in June

Negreanu signs for PokerStars

Daniel Negreanu has signed for the PokerStars team and will be playing there under the ID ‘Kid Poker’. PokerStars will also be hosting Negreanu’s own poker tournaments such as his prodigy tournament, designed to find a promising young player for him to personally mentor.

Strasser out of LAPC

Jason Strasser finished 12th in the LA Poker Classic Main Event. This was a $10,000 buy-in event of NL Holdem and Jason took home $91,125 for his 12th place.

Stasser, looking to arrive at the final table with a good stack, kept up his trademark level of selected aggression. However when reraising with QT offsuit, Fernadez with AJ offsuit wouldnt take a hint and back down. The call was made. The AJ held up agaisnt the QT and Jason was sent to the rail.

LA Poker Classic gets to the Final Table

At the end of Day 5, here are the chip counts of the 6 remaining players

  1. JC Tran $3.47M
  2. Paul Wasicka $3.39M
  3. Jacobo Fernandez $3.37M
  4. David Bach $2.27M
  5. Eric Hershler $2.16M
  6. Chau Giang $1.37M

How they fell, ten down to six :-

10th Position :-

Tran limps from middle position with 4’s and Jay Chang pushes all-in for 210K more. Tran calls.

Chang spikes a set, and Chang (KQ) has an inside straight draw. The draw doesnt come and Jay Chang is out in 10th place winning $91,125.

9th position :-

Ben Johnson gets all-in with pocket QUeens and David Bach calls with the nut flush drawn. David hit the flush on the river and when they count up they chips, Ben Johnson as exactly ONE CHIP. lol, poor guy. Feeling sorry for him, most of the others folds their hands, Chau Giang without even looking at his.

Johnson is anted-in, but Edler from the small blind wins with A9, after him and the big-blind check it down. Ben Johnson is out in 9th place winning $121,500

8th position :-

Paul Wasicka raises to 1,060,00 and Vincent Procopio moves all-in for 1,020,000. Vincent has QQ, Paul has AKos. Paul spikes a king and Vincent Procopio is out in 8th place winning $151,870.

7th position :-

Bill Edler launches with 34os, he is called by JC Tran with AK hearts. Flop comes 3 hearts and Bill Edler is out in 7th place winning $189,840.

And then there were 6

Footnote :- This event was won by Eric Hershler, with JC Tran finishing 2nd

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