iron girl slot gacor


Now we are flying into Vegas on July 8th me connecting thru Midway where I change planes and slot gacor gets on, that is if I can get the clubs out of his hands and him on the plane. To say I am excited is an understatement. A whole bunch of our online pals will be there and it is going to be one hell of a good time. SO conjuring up my fav show 24, I will say Vegas is in T15 days.

No WSOP events for me this year, I really feel I need more live play before ponying up $1000 for a buyin. I didnt have time to try to many satellites. My schedule changed at work to where I work 4-9 hour days Monday thru Thursday 9:30 AM to 7 PM and a 4 hour day on Friday 9:30AM to 1:30PM. This has eaten into my midweek playing. Frankly, I just cant get home at 7:30 PM EST and jump feet first into a tournament. So, I check out the mail both snail and email (usually 80+ await me), feed and play with Bailey for a bit. And play one of my league games be it a freeroll or small buy-in.

Instead, I want to do and see all the tourista Sin City things… See the Bellagio Fountains (which Ive heard are very romantic), the Siren/Pirate battle where we are staying at TI, The gondola ride at the Venetian, The Volcano exploding at the Mirage, Fremont Street Experience. Hit the Big mall right near TI. Maybe play some par 3 golf or mini golf and either impress Jayke with my skill or embaress him with my lack there of so that I am relegated to caddy. And goal number one.. not over eat at Vegas Buffets!! No chance of that. I’ve lost a bit of weight to where I can just fit in my Wetsuit, but I am still not at Marathon weight. I still have my curves and that makes me happy.. I will give Credit much like Anna Nicole Smith to………..TRIM SPA BABY!!! And lots of Green Tea. I mentioned, to my cruisemates and running partners Eileen and Karen, in early June when we were planning to meet for lunch, that I was at triathlon weight and would hopefully be at running weight when I saw them (which was today and goal not reached yet) and by Vegas I would look like Nicole Richie because of the stress of planning this trip.

Its a done deal, Jaykedog & I are booked at Treasure Island July 9th thru the 13th, which coincides with the Poker Cartel Invasion and Poker101A trip to Vegas. ITH will be out there later in the month and we’ll just miss the blogger convention. As of right now I’ll probably fly into Chicago (my kind of town!!) and out with Jayke. Ive pretty much decided not to buy-in direct to the Ladies event nor the NLHE event beginning on the 10th. Instead, I will play the Cartel sponsered tourneys and some of the lesser buyin tourneys at various Vegas Casinos. In fact, Sun Honey (Roxy) told me that I should be able to get my live Omaha Hi/Lo jones satisfied for a nominal buyin. I got may hands on a video poker program to learn optimal strategy, Im brushing up on my Blackjack…Hello Andy Bloch can you help a gal out!!!???? and Jayke will teach me to shoot craps. Of course we will have to play variations of our numbers 66 (JD) and 99 (IG). So, Im bearing down now and going into Overtime mode at work. I dont want to take money out of my online accounts to finance this junket so I’ll just have to work more overtime. Jayke is going to sock away all his $$$ from giving golf lessons for the cause too.