Indobet88? I don’t even know her (again!)

As you can tell from the subject matter of my posts, I’m not playing much Indobet88 right now. I dropped $50 back into my ‘Stars account earlier in the month, and promptly lost it playing micro-SNGs within this micro-‘roll. Once again, post-mortem analysis showed Morton’s Theorem was well at work.

In fact, I can say that this is the biggest difference between high-buy-in and low-buy-in SNGs.

In high-buy-in SNGs, you never play multi-way pots after level 2, and you’re never multi-way after the turn in any level. It just isn’t done. In low-buy-in SNGs, multiway is the norm, even in bubble play and beyond. Toss equity out the window, tournament strategy is a foreign concept, and schooling-of-the-fishes is the theme. Going heads-up with AK vs QQ is one thing, going multi-way with KK vs AJo vs 77 vs T9s is a recipe for a bad beat. All you can do is play ABC poker and hope you don’t get cold-decked at a bad time.

Me Likee the Milfs!

There’s something about a Milf. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s because they’ve been to the dance and know the score. I don’t know, I’m just babbling right now.

I’ve never screwed around on either of my wives. Never will, either. Believe it or not, even a tub-o like me has had chances. Not as many as some, but sometimes there’s just no accounting for the bad taste some women have in men.

We saw alot of them on a daily basis this past month. 95% were just there to get something for their husbands. The other 5% were shopping for cell phones and didn’t want their husbands to know.

Just a random aside: Why do women show cleavage when shopping for cell phones? The prices don’t change… not that I’m complaining… anyway…

So, anyway, I was on the receiving end of a hard press from one this past weekend. Aside from being uncomfortable with it for marital reasons, this incident was even more so because she was with her son.

Geez, I hope this one wasn’t a tranny, too.

Regardless, after making my initial approach, she took the reins and dragged me around the store asking questions about everything under the sun, flirting all along the way. Then came back 3 more times during the day, always seeking me out, and always flirting. I dodged her on the last visit, and she left without speaking with any of my co-workers.

I really need to start wearing my wedding ring.

Others have been much less approachable. I’m a sucker for a woman with class. I can’t tell you exactly what seperates classy vs. not-classy but, like porn, I know it when I see it. It’s something in the way they carry themselves. Well-groomed, without being overly made up. Fashion, in-style but age-appropriate – nothing is less attractive than a 38-year old woman dressed like her 16-year old daughter. Confident, friendly, witty… where was I?

Christmas surely brought the Milfs out in force. Today, I’m a little blue. The Milfs have gone away, leaving only the aged, the smelly, and the whores in their place.


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