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FTOPS eight is in full swing and many have noticed from the frequent updates here at FTR and it’s obvious that event 20 was just as excellent considering the $200,000 guarantee placed on the event. Players certainly don’t have any qualms with putting up the $200 + $16 buy in with such large guarantees and that helps attract more entrants to these big events. When we say big events we mean it too, 915 people threw their hat in the ring and 120 placed in the money.

With 915 players entering an event it’s always a challenge to get into the money, but with a 200k prize pool there’s certainly some incentive to play tight and try to stick around as long as possible. Whatever their strategy was there were 120 players to finish in the money with prizes starting at $300 and working up to $41,700 in first place. The player mypokerlife apparently invests a lot into his poker playing because they were the skilled (or lucky) player to take home the substantial first prize.


We really love these FTOPS events over at FTR because they give a lot of people a good chance at winning some money and to have a lot of fun at the same time. Keep your eyes out for the next series of events because we’ll certainly have something posted about them!


FTOPS number eight was in full swing and event number eight was as interesting as all the others. Full Tilt’s FTOPS events are becoming well known in the online poker world and they continue to gain steam as more and more players enter them for a chance at the big bucks. With the guaranteed prize pool in event 18 of $150,000 it was certainly event worth registering for.

Things certainly didn’t decline with 545 players entered 꽁머니사이 in the tournament. The buy in was $300 + $22 and the prize pool totaled in at $163,000. Out of the 545 players only 56 placed, so a player really needs to be on their game to get into the top prize pools. Winnings started at $817.50 and went all the way up to $38,749.50 for first place. Most would be happy with either of those amounts!

The final table consisted of scooby doo 21, tridynamo, hulyefussz, mischiefofmagic, upthemariners, marco traniello and jens voertmann. When it was all said and done the final three were eagle 1829, tridynamo and hulyefussz with eagle1829 taking first and the prize of $38,749.50.


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