FSS vs. Abusive Hosts Blocklist

CASE DISMISSED January 6, 2006!

We fully support the efforts of the AHBL.

On December 27, 2005 the AHBL posted the following (http://ahbl.org):

This is an official statement made by the AHBL regarding the suit filed in Texas Court by Richard Scoville. This statement has been authorized by our legal council. On Saturday December 17, 2005, the AHBL was served at it’s Indiana address with a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) and Suit filed in Bexar County Texas Circuit Court. The suit seeks in total 3.525 million dollars in damage for Mr Richard Scoville, broken down as follows:

$2,000,000 “For the loss of “benefit of the bargain” to negotiate and conduct business in good faith”

$1,000,000 “For the continuing damages to personal business credit”

$500,000 “For his emotional distress occasioned by the wrongful acts set forth above, including the personal humiliation and embarassment in the Usenet portion of the internet”

$25,000 “For the costs incurred to constantly change ISPs and the escalating costs to maintain an ongoing business”

Very shortly the AHBL will put up a page and ledger requesting donations to fight this case which is 1100 miles from the AHBL base of operations.

We will also be posting in PDF format over the next few days all public record paperwork for this case. Your donations will be put to good use in defending the AHBL and are greatly appreciated. Please note that the AHBL has never been financially profitable and even with Google ads is run entirely out of my pocket. Thank you for your consideration in this matter, I will vet all questions posted here through council before answering them.