Are Students Lazy?


We’ve heard it all before, about how all judi online students are lazy and are out to get drunk as much as possible and lie in bed for as long as possible. But are students really that lazy? Although thinking about it this statement pretty much hits the nail on the head, I feel that students don’t get as much credit for the work that gets done in lectures and behind closed doors. When people think about students, they will normally think of them as being lazy, tax-dodging, drunk, poor and numerous other flatteringly descriptive words, but theres never really much said about the work that gets done when needs be or the extra effort in other things outside Uni, such as sports and societies.

Lets not forget the real effort it takes to go to 9am lectures after a heavy night drinking. The students that make these lectures are the true warriors that have the exceptional will power to fight through sickening hangovers whilst still being half-cut at the same time. Thats determination right there. Even so, the 10am and later lectures can still be a big struggle to get to and require ten times the amount of effort than would be normally needed if you were not drinking the night before. So the people that accidentally mix both their social lives with lectures and still manage make it work, really can’t be all that lazy with all the effort that is put in.

Furthermore, most people tend to overlook the fact that students are actually studying at some point in between their drinking and tax-dodging endeavours. You have to have a certain level of ability to be in University in the first place, and none of the courses can really be called all that easy. There is a lot to be learnt and a number of exams to sit each year that aren’t going to pass themselves. At some point a lot of revision and studying takes place, which can often be time consuming and hard work.

Outside of lectures are the sports and societies that a large number of students take part in. Fitting these in around a busy drinking schedule isn’t an easy task, but for most students they can make it happen. So when you combine this with all the work that gets done in the day at University, you will find there isn’t a great deal of time left to watch tele and procrastinate and do nothing. A lot of hours in each day can be pretty productive, and probably on the same level as most working people with full-time jobs. So maybe students aren’t that lazy afterall.

It Was A Good Night OutThis whole post isn’t really a debate about whether or not students are lazy, because I know for a fact that a great number of students can be hilariously lazy at times. I mean I love sleeping until the last minute before I have to get out of bed and stumble to lectures because I spent the night before staying up ’til stupid o’clock in the morning on msn and eating pringles. But you know, when I’m revising and doing coursework I like to think I can be really productive and manage my time well, as can most University students at the end of the day, otherwise they probably wouldnt be there. So yeah, not really a rant, but I’m sure students deserve a lot more credit for their efforts than they get.