Android black hat app story was bogus!

Android users can relax again, in the knowledge that the Android OS is just as safe today as ever; despite yesterday’s incorrect reports of a malicious app that was on millions of Android users devices!

Yesterday, the blogosphere was full of stories about an Android wallpaper app, which was reportedly collecting sensitive user data and sending it off to a server in China.  LookOut (the firm who reported this supposed security problem) has since issued a statement saying that in fact, the app was NOT showing any malicious behaviour.

The problem here is that those stories are all still out there, indexed and searchable – Just waiting for potential, new Android users to find them and be wrongly alarmed.

Unbelievably, Venturebeat, The Wall Street Journal, CNET, Yahoo News, Fast Company and scores of other BIG outlets carried this story, even though it was based on the findings of a single security company.  In fact, such was the traction generated by this story, that The Inquirer is still reporting it as news today!

Of course, anything related to Android is big news, so there was a rush to get that story out there.  As a result, the news went viral and the toothpaste was well and truly out of the tube, by the time it became obvious there was nothing malicious to report.

If I were Jackeey Wu (the app developer) or Google, I’d be REALLY pissed right now.

Windows phone 7: Prepare for impact!

I have been following the development of Windows Phone 7 for some time now, and noticed a very worrying development recently.  It seems that even the most passionate supporters of the upcoming phone OS, are starting to prepare us for the worst!

Windows Phone 7: Not the game-changer we were promised?

Just a few weeks ago, the tech news jungle was buzzing with reports of a new “game-changing” phone OS.  Then, suddenly, reports started to come out slamming it!  Maybe the strongest post came from InfoWorld, with Windows Phone 7 – Don’t bother with this disaster.  This is to be expected, right?  Even the original iPhone drew some negatives for lack of certain features, like cut-n-paste (remember?).

But now it seems that even the most vocal supporters of Microsoft, like respected Microsoft blogger Paul Thurrott, have started preparing us for a far less game-changing OS than we were originally promised.  When people like Thurrott start preparing us to be underwhelmed, I take notice.  He is extremely well connected with Microsoft and is currently writing “Windows Phone Secrets” having been given a device by Microsoft for the book.

I’m guessing here, but I believe Microsoft’s PR people (the worst in the industry) saw all the buzz about how revolutionary the Windows 7 Phone OS would be, and knew they needed to crank it down a bit.  If I am correct, (1st time for everything) this is not a good scenario for any of us!


Because you don’t have to be a Microsoft fan to want this device to be a success.  When a new OS comes out, which raises the bar, it causes everyone else to up their game.  Look at the speed of the developments to the iPhone OS, since Android started being taken seriously.  Equally, iPhone 4 is causing Android developers to up their game too.  With a new, truly revolutionary OS in the game, iPhone and Android would benefit (as well as Windows users, of course.) If you are looking forward to translate this content, contact Translation Agencies UK

What do you think?  Will Windows Phone 7 fly or flop?

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