5 Ways to Pick the Right Keywords for Your SEO Campaign with Real Estate Facebook App

Keyword research is the crucial step in website development and SEO process.

There are some basic points to stick to while doing keyword research for your SEO campaign.

Research Your Target Market

The product/service you offer might be suitable for a particular age group, or you may be targeting a particular geographic region, or a particular industry. It is important to understand who is actually searching for your products or service – so that you can understand the behavioral pattern of your prospective customers and streamline your keyword selection strategies accordingly.

Example: if you are targeting UK market for [lawyer], you should choose a more commonly-used term ‘solicitor’, instead of ‘lawyer’ which is widely used in the United States.

Analyze Your Competition

Spend some time to research your competitors: what keywords and key phrases they are using; how big their sites are; which geographic regions they cover; what are the related services they offer additionally. This analysis will give an idea about their strength.

Here are a few helpful articles to get you started:

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Be More Specific

Don’t pick a keyword just because it is popular (i.e. has high search volume). Popular keywords are more generic and bring high competition along with. Avoid such one or two-word keywords. Rather choose keywords that are less competitive but have considerable search volume. Be more specific with 3 to 4 words key phrases.

Start by targeting long-tail keywords.

Target Your Local Areas

Small business entrepreneurs should be realistic with their internet marketing goals. Initially you can set your goal small by targeting the local market instead of going global. Adding your location to the key phrase gives an instant exposure to local market where competition is much lower.

Some Important Points to Note

Wordtracker and Google AdWords are most popular tools for keywords research. Make sure you optimize their usage by utilizing the advanced search options available.

For example, while using Word Tracker do not forget to use additional metrics such as ‘In Anchor and Title’ And ‘KEI’. It will give you some insight into the competition and a comparative analysis of competition against keyword’s popularity.

Similarly in AdWords, make sure you extract the ‘Exact’ analysis of keyword research (not ‘Broad’).

Be it WordTracker or AdWords or any other search engine tool, be specific about the language and target!

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